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5 miles from Aghios Nikolaos port there is Seagull Island, our dive site located in the south bay of the small island. It’s a nice diving area where we have the chance to dive in a couple of different dive sites depends on the weather and the divers’ experience, always protected by the wind and waves.

In this area, there are dive sites appropriate for beginners and other sites which are appropriate only for experienced divers.
The boat anchors at 5-7meters.Our first 20 min take as to a wall with a max depth of 14-20 meters followed by groupers, moray eels, schools of salemas, banded and saddled bream, stingrays, sea rabbits, red and black scorpion fish, sponges, sea anemones.

The way back to boat goes through a small underwater gorge when entry is 14meters and exit at 6 meters.Highlight of the dive is 10 min before we surfaced in a depth of 14-8 meters when group of friendly barracuda follow us till our safety stop.

Pottery and ancient amphorae are able to seen.