EXPLOSION Diving site

In a distance of 2.8 miles west of our diving center, we meet explosion dive site. Our boat anchors on the east side, which is always protected from the wind.

The drop off dive in the “Big Blue” of this site is really exciting. The magic of the depth and the crystal clear water fascinate you from the very beginning.

The dive starts from the anchor line down to a depth of 5 m. Schools of small fish are living around big rocks that we pass on this course.

The depth increases up to 30 meters very fast, but before we are facing from 14m to 20m a rock in a shape of elephant as big as a truck.

Explosion is the living place of groupers, snappers, morays and bluefin trevally. The big attractions for divers here are the depth, the “big blue” water and the incredible visibility, which is often more than 35 meters.